Left Side Pain

Most people will experience at some point, especially on the left side of the body. This pain can cause a disruption short or long term activity. It can be tricky for a doctor to diagnose the problem without any other symptoms. Here are the most common causes and treatments for left side pain.

Symptoms Of Left Side Pain

The most common types of left side pain include discomfort under the ribs. Sometimes, it may spread to the back. It can be aggressive at certain points and less bothersome at others. Some people describe this pain as a stab or simple sensitivity to touch. This pain may occur during exercise, lying motionless, or during breathing. Changes in bowel habits may also occur with this pain. A doctor will usually run various tests to determine what is at the root of the problem.

Possible Causes Of Left Side Pain

When a fertile woman experiences this type of pain, it may be an early sign of ectopic pregnancy. In this case, a woman may also have abdominal pain, cramps, or vaginal bleeding. Another common female problem that may be indicated by left side pain is endrometriosis. This condition will also cause heavy bleeding and stomach pain. Both of these cases will require medical intervention.

There are also gastrointestinal problems that cause left side pain. Irritable Bowel Syndrome may cause this pain along with diarrhea, headache, and chest pain. Reflux may cause this pain and heartburn as well. A person may also experience difficulty swallowing. Celiac disease can also cause left side pain. A person may also suffer a loss of weight, joint pain, and be overly fatigued.

Spine conditions may also lead to left side pain. This can be caused by compression or irritation of nerves on the spine. This may be a result of injury, trauma, or disc problems. A chiropractor may be able to uncover the best treatment options.

Kidney stones or gallstones may also be to blame. A person with kidney stones will have pain in the back, ribs, and side. The stomach and groin may hurt as well. Many people will complain of nausea or painful urination. A person with gallstones may have pain between the shoulders, on the side, stomach, and back, especially after eating.

Treatment For Left Side Pain

It is essential to visit a doctor when a person is experiencing pain on the left side of the body. It may be an indication of a serious medical condition. The best way to alleviate this pain is to control weight and practice regular exercise. Gentle activity like yoga can keep pain to a minimum. If pain persists or gets worse, it is essential to seek emergency help.

Left side pain is a common complaint of many people. There are numerous possible causes. It is important to uncover the problem in order to find the best and most effective treatment. In the end, a person may be able to live a more normal life without irritation or achiness.

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