Fibromyalgia Causes

There is not an exact cause known for fibromyalgia, leading to lots of speculation among the experts. However, a number of theories exist about potential causes and triggers. Risk factors that could increase your probability of getting the disease include heredity, gender, accidents and injuries, psychological and emotional stress, infection, autoimmune disorders, and hormonal disturbances and chemical imbalances all are potential causes and triggers. The onset of fibromyalgia can start at any time, but there are triggers believed to increase the likelihood of getting this illness. Fibromyalgia is not a respecter of age, as it’s seen in teens as well as the elderly, but it is most prevalent in the 30’s age group. This illness is found in all races and cultures around the world. … Continue reading


Fibromyalgia is a central nervous syndrome disorder characterized by pain that is chronic, widespread, and long lasting. A common pain experienced by patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia is called “allodynia”. Allodynia is pain in response to pressure on the body. There are also numerous other symptoms linked to fibromyalgia including: fatigue, trouble sleeping, joint stiffness, numbness, and tingling. Not all patients who suffer from fibromyalgia will suffer those additional symptoms. Fibromyalgia can be difficult to diagnosis. In addition, some physicians are skeptical about the diagnosis of fibromyalgia since there seems to be no physical abnormalities besides pain in the patient. Cause The cause of fibromyalgia is currently unknown. Nonetheless, researchers have developed several possibilities of why fibromyalgia develops in a person. These hypotheses include genetic predispositions, … Continue reading


If you suffer from tingling in your hands, fingers, toes, feet, or legs, chances are you suffer from one or more of a few common conditions. Tingling In The Fingers And/Or Hands If you suffer from tingling in your fingers or hands, it could be related to any number of things. The most common cause of this malady, however, is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is actually an injury to the wrist and the connecting tendons and nerves that is caused by repetitive hand or wrist movements. Excessive writing, typing, or even delivering mail can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. In recent years “ergonomic” products have hit the market. Ergonomic simply means the product is easier to use and conforms the natural position of the … Continue reading

Causes & Triggers of Fibromyalgia

Research is ongoing into the causes and risk factors associated with fibromyalgia, especially as this disease is becoming increasingly common among the world’s older population. Currently, physicians believe that risk factors are largely associated with things like heredity, stress, or certain types of illness from a young age, though exact causes and triggers of the disease still remain a subject of constant speculation and in-depth research. For those suffering from this disease, or those looking to make sure they don’t suffer from fibromyalgia as they get older, there are a few causes and risk factors to be aware of. These triggers can, in some cases, be avoided, while others can have their impact minimized over time. Psychological Stress and Emotional Instability For those individuals looking … Continue reading

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia treatment often involves a combination of lifestyle changes, medication and alternative remedies to improve sleep patterns and minimize the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Improving both physical and mental health is essential in fibromyalgia treatment to decrease pain and improve an individual’s quality of life. Self-managing fibromyalgia symptoms is often necessary to enhance mobility and reduce the level of pain that affects the physical and emotional well-being. Fibromyalgia treatment that involves self-management techniques includes relaxation and massage to help reduce stress and manage muscle tension. A variety of exercises is a recommended part of fibromyalgia treatment; however, many fibromyalgia sufferers find it difficult to engage in regular exercise due to the pain and lack of sleep they often endure on a regular basis. Many doctors … Continue reading

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Recognizing fibromyalgia symptoms will result in treating the condition. By understanding the symptoms, it is possible to seek medical attention early and begin a treatment regimen that will improve quality of life. The fibromyalgia symptoms vary with each individual, but include a wide range of possible signs. Pain and Discomfort: The most common fibromyalgia symptoms are associated with pain. The discomfort of throbbing pain, dull pain or even sharp pain is usually the symptom that leads to seeking medical attention. Fibromyalgia symptoms include some type of pain in almost every case of the condition. While pain and discomfort is common, it is not necessarily a constant feeling. In many cases, the pain will travel and it will come and go throughout different times of the … Continue reading

Fibromyalgia Treatment Options & Relief

One of the quirks about fibromyalgia is that there is currently no proven cause of the disease itself. This makes treatment a bit of a challenge, and patients will have to pursue a number of options to determine which medication, and which home remedy, helps them eliminate the most pain for the longest amount of time. That said, most treatments for fibromyalgia focus on a prescription medication in combination with cognitive therapies and lifestyle changes. The focus of these treatments is not to cure the disease, but to control and minimize the associated pain as much as possible. Prescription Medications Represent the First Line of Defense The route to controlling pain runs straight through prescription medications, although a number of different options are available for … Continue reading

Fibromyalgia Signs & Symptoms

Fibromyalgia has several signs and symptoms. Knowing and understanding each of them can help in early and proper diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Let’s take a look at the most common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia: Pain. Pain is one of the most common symptoms felt by a person experiencing fibromyalgia. In fact, widespread pain is actually considered a characteristic of 97 percent of patients experiencing fibromyalgia. Moreover, this symptom is also the typical symptom that forces a person to see a doctor. The pain felt in fibromyalgia is widespread and affecting the whole body. The pain may be characterized as a dull, sharp, deep, aching or throbbing pain. This is usually felt in the ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons. For some people, the … Continue reading

Left Side Pain

Most people will experience at some point, especially on the left side of the body. This pain can cause a disruption short or long term activity. It can be tricky for a doctor to diagnose the problem without any other symptoms. Here are the most common causes and treatments for left side pain. Symptoms Of Left Side Pain The most common types of left side pain include discomfort under the ribs. Sometimes, it may spread to the back. It can be aggressive at certain points and less bothersome at others. Some people describe this pain as a stab or simple sensitivity to touch. This pain may occur during exercise, lying motionless, or during breathing. Changes in bowel habits may also occur with this pain. A … Continue reading


One medical condition that most individuals will have to deal with at some point in their life is numbness. While numbness and tingling is often from sitting or standing in the same position for too long, it can also be a sign of much more serious health issues that are taking place below the surface. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to decipher when these feelings are a minor discomfort that will go away after a few minutes or a serious ailment. For those that are currently dealing with longer spats of numbness or know someone that is, here is basic information on why these feelings take place and what can be done to remedy this condition. Most individuals will experience numbness due to a minor … Continue reading